Grains of Expressions #1

Searching for the in-between spaces

Driven by the motivation for exploration, nights were carved out to explore the freight depots of Perth (Western Australia), a popular spot for the urban self expressionists. Midst the silence of the still winter night, the eyesight and hearing are enhanced to keep watch for oncoming freight trains and the workers that work around the clock. Darting through the tracks and spaces between the sleepers, we landed in a lifeless space enclosed in a symmetrical wall of grain hoppers.

Grains of Expression pt1 (3).jpg

The bone chilling cold winds and the clunking sound from locomotives in the distance flowed and echoed through the space,  creating an eerie atmosphere midst the harsh environment. It is in this dark lifeless space that all the busy thoughts on our minds were silenced to explore the environment. The grain hoppers appears to span along the tracks endlessly, resonating within us the artistic imaginations. This seemingly lifeless space produces endless challenges and ultimately the opportunity for artistic expressions and interpretations.

Grains of Expression pt1 (2).jpg
Grains of Expression pt1 (7).jpg


July 16| B.